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AV over IP – The Next Big Trend

AV over IP is considered by many to be one of the biggest upcoming trends in the AV industry. AV over IP or Audio-visual over Internet Protocol has been around a lot longer than you’d expect but recently buzz surrounding it is growing due to continuous developments in the area.

For many in the AV industry it is revolutionary, but for most it’s flying under the radar. Here at AV Aide we are committed to keeping up to date and informed on the advances being made in the Audio-Visual sector so that we can attend to all of our clients AV needs. AV over IP is just one more way in which you can develop your company and we can support you in that transition.

AV over IP allows for the transmission of audio, video and other data over LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network) networks as well as the internet. This works by transmitting data or signals from an input AV source, such as your personal computer, which is encoded and broken down into a form of digital data known as packets. These packets then travel through networks before being converted back to their original form after it passes through a decoder at the end of the journey to the desired output AV destination.

There are a multitude of benefits that come with utilising AV over IP technology, especially for large scale organisations such as universities or office complexes. It’s cost efficient, in many cases moving over to an AV over IP system is cheaper than alternatives, it reduces the excessive need of hardware which can consume unnecessary amounts of office space. A further benefit is that they are easy to install since it’s possible that your pre-existing network infrastructures can be utilised making the installation even more cost efficient. AV over IP systems can also be used to cover multiple floors and buildings with its extended reach.

Experts in this technology, AV Aide are certified to design, install, configure and support AV over IP and controls systems. If your company wants to offer AV over IP solutions to your customers but you don't have the necessary expertise then get in touch. We can complete site evaluation and analysis to determine how best to advise your clients and we will make recommendations for development. We can complete the installation process on your behalf and provide the necessary after-care.

If you believe an AV over IP solutions are right for your customers then AV Aide are here to make it happen.

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