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Caring for your Outdoor Electronics

Outdoor electronics are simply a version of your indoor electronics such as tv's or speaker systems that have been adapted for use outside. You might be wondering if there is much difference between the two? The answer is of course yes - there is a huge difference. Your indoor technologies are mostly built with some level of water resistance or waterproofing to make them more durable against spills or splashes. Your outdoor tech needs to be a lot more durable than this, it is going to be standing up against the very forces of nature and being a little water resistant won’t cut it.

It is important to note that when buying any equipment for use outdoors that it is not only water resistant but is also weather resistant. This is going to give the product a much longer lifespan. Your product being weather resistant isn’t the only way you can ensure the longevity of your technologies.

· Positioning of your equipment is vital when placing anything outdoors. Does your outdoor space have any natural weather protected spots or architectural features that you can utilise?

Consider which direction the sun sets and raises in correlation with your outdoor space. Placing tech in places less touched upon by the sun can reduce solar damage, which is vital for television screens. When positioning speakers aim them downwards to increase water runoff. Keep all of your equipment when possible off of the ground to reduce the chances of it impacting with anything else.

· When it comes to wires, you’re going to want to keep this covered as much as possible, not just for decorative reasons but for safety reasons. Keep as much as you can confined to indoors, alternatively you could consider underground wiring (direct burial-rated wire). Exposed outdoor wires might catch the attention of unwanted critters or family pets.

· Cover your equipment whenever it is not in use. This can reduce rain, cold, and sun damage.

If you happen to use devices that are built for indoor use than providing essential coverings will reduce the risk of your technologies being damaged quickly. Consider when planning your outdoor electronic space how you can construct protective coverings for your technology rather than just relying on a plastic sheet to keep it safe.

Electronics don’t come cheap and you want to guarantee you’re going to get as much use out of them as you can before you have to replace them. Keeping these simple solutions in mind when installing your outside electronics can help ensure that you get the absolute maximum out of all your equipment. Consider seeking the advice of an audio-visual installation specialist who can assess your outdoor space and give you the best recommendations of which technology to purchase and how to design your outdoor space to keep it safe.

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