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Equipment Removal (WEEE Regulated)

AV Aide always strive to deliver a memorable and trustworthy service.

As part of our equipment audit service we can accurately assess your clients’ needs and note any old equipment that will need replacing or removing. In these instances, as well as offering our installation services AV Aide can offer a removal service in accordance with WEEE Regulations.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations, or WEEE Regulations, are specific outlines set by the government concerning the recycling and correct disposal of all electrical and electronic equipment. We believe that recycling is the sensible and safest option in terms of the disposal of faulty or broken electrical equipment, doing so reduces potentially harmful waste from going to landfills which can cause contamination of both water and soil. Almost all items with a plug or battery can be recycled and AV Aide endeavours to do so in all instances.

There are numerous ways in which old equipment can be reused and recycled. In instances where old equipment is repairable our team will aim to fix all issues, in doing so we will make the equipment usable again so that it can be resold. With equipment that is beyond repair we will salvage all retain-able parts for future repairs.

Our disposal services are just one of the many support services we offer, all tailored to exceeding the expectations of your clients and to provide a reliable partnership that you can trust. AV Aide are here to be your eyes, ears, and hands giving you peace of mind and a guaranteed promise of client satisfaction.

We can support your project throughout at any stage of the life-cycle. From the very start completing pre-sale equipment audits on your behalf to the removal of any old equipment and the installation of brand-new replacements. We can carry out preventative maintenance on all your clients’ equipment on your behalf and we also offer an emergency call out service on any equipment, including equipment we have not installed ourselves.

These are just some of the services we provide on our mission to create lasting partnerships and to offer first class customer service.

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