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With over 13 years operating within the AV sector we strive to be an extension of our customers' businesses - we believe in partnerships built on trust

We provide professional AV service solutions as sub-contractors to our technology and construction partners including AV Technology resellers and integrators.

We take away the headaches and offer peace of mind, allowing our customers to increase their capacity, flexibility and become more cost effective.

Our services are tailored to customers who require additional resources that compliment their own in-house teams or choose to outsource their AV requirements.

We can handle all sizes and types of project, large or small and our dedication, attention to detail and absolute focus on quality are just some of the reasons why we are leaders in our sector.

We believe our people are one of our most valuable assets. Training and development is part of our ethos and we aim to create jobs through our AV Academy of young professionals with an emphasis on improving standards of technology, installation and customer service.

Reliable, good standard of work, good communication.

Video conferencing meeting room installations in Barcelona and Wigan.

Michael R.

Clique AV

Let’s Start Working Together!

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