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How the Workplace is Transforming

If there is one thing, we have all learnt from the current COVID-19 crisis it is that our workplaces are more adaptable than we could ever imagine. Working from home has presented employers and employees with obstacles to overcome that perhaps in the past had never been considered. How can a business keep running if all its employees are not able to come to the office?

Remote working from home has changed up the dynamic of the usual 9 to 5 office role, but what about after the COVID-19 crisis has come to an end? Does everything return to normal or is this an opportunity for businesses to restructure their operations models and take a new step forward. We’ve highlighted three ways in which the office space is transforming.

1. Collaborative Spaces / Huddle spaces

A collaborative space is a small workspace for groups of people to come together quickly to work on a project. Similar to how a conference room might work, the idea behind collaborative spaces are that they’re more intimate and engaging. Featuring the usual furniture such as chairs and table, collaborative spaces utilise AV equipment such as a touchscreen display and video conferencing solution. Video conferencing means anyone can join in regardless of their location.

2. Increase in Remote Working

For many up until know working from home wasn’t something that was commonly done. Moving forward businesses are more likely to invest in remote working technologies for their employees. This will help tackle issues that arise in an employee’s life that would prohibit them from working, such as childcare issues or sickness. Employees will be able to contribute to the daily grind from their home.

3. Video Meetings and Digital Days

If there is one thing, we have learnt it is that video meetings can be just as effective as physical meetings – sometimes even more so! Employers are more likely to introduce video meetings as part of daily operations. Video meetings can also be an exciting and refreshing way for employees to connect with each other, building further synergy in a digital world. Another alternative is having a weekly or monthly Digital Day where all employees work remotely if possible. This could have additional benefits for employee well-being as well as having a more positive greener effect on the workplace, reducing employee carbon emissions from travelling.

Moving onward there are many ways that companies could invest in the workplace to transform it to be more accommodating. These workplace transformations can be cost effective and easy to implement. It is imperative for companies to adjust the way they operate within their industries after the effects of COVID-19.

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